Tired of giving his wife money, a Chinese man filed a false complaint portraying himself as a victim of a robbery.

However, his plan backfired after police acting upon his complaint checked camera footage that exposed the man's activities.

The man, who has been identified only by his surname Cai, faked the story reportedly because he did not want to hand over his pay cheque to his wife.

He was detained for 10 days and fined 500 Yuan ($76, £57) for filing a false complaint.

The incident took place in Hangzhou region in eastern China's Zhejiang province, the Straits Times reported on Thursday, 14 September.

"He said his wife is always asking for money whenever he gets paid," said Chen Xi, the local police officer who had to investigate the incident that never took place.

"Sometimes he'd say he had lost it, or that he had spent it all."

According to local media reports, Cai apparently walked into the police station and remained calm during the investigation.

He reportedly even never showed emotions or appeared affected by the alleged robbery.

He had claimed that he was robbed while he was returning home from work on his motorbike.

When police reviewed the traffic camera footage from the area Cai claimed he was robbed, no thief was believed to have been seen.

Cai eventually admitted to filing a false robbery case and revealed his intention behind the imprudent act.

He reportedly said he had to file a false complaint because he ran out of excuses to give his wife to avoid handing over his salary to her.