Minnesota Hero
Renning pulled back the metal frame of the car door to free the trapped driver. Minnesota State Police

In a scene that could have been taken from Superman, a Minnesota resident used his "superhuman strength" to bend the door of a burning car and pull the driver to safety.

Robert Renning was driving along the I-35 near New Brighton, Minnesota, when he noticed a vehicle on fire.

After flagging down the motorist, Michael Johannes, Mr. Renning tried to help him escape the burning vehicle, however the electronic locks and windows on the car failed.

As smoke filled the car, Mr Johannes frantically tried to kick out the windows, but was unable to free himself from the burning wreck.

Mr. Renning instinctively grabbed the top of the door and pulled the frame towards the ground, causing glass in the window to shatter.

He then pulled Mr Johannes clear of the flames. The car was completely destroyed in the fire.

Zachary Hill, of Minnesota State Patrol, said: "He did an extraordinary deed, bending a locked car door of a burning car in half to extricate a trapped person.

"He deserves any and all commendation for his extraordinary life-saving measure that kept another man from burning alive. I don't think I could take a crowbar and fold the door like he did."

Mr Renning, told the Star Tribune he had "no clue" how he managed to prize open the door or where his super-strength came from.

"I'm just a slightly overweight Air Force First Sergeant, for crying out loud," he joked.

Mr Johannes suffered slight smoke inhalation and minor cuts in the incident.