Old Trafford ticket tout Adam Connolly
Old Trafford ticket tout Adam Connolly has been anded a banning order after being caught selling tickets to see Manchester United Reuters/GMP

Old Trafford ticket tout Adam Connolly has been banned from any town or city where Manchester United are playing after he was caught selling unauthorised season tickets.

Connolly, of Kenwick Drive, New Moston, was caught in possession of 37 season tickets outside the Premier League club's home ground ahead their league clash with Everton on 5 October 2014.

He was arrested after police saw him selling the tickets and was last week found guilty of the unauthorised sale of tickets at Trafford Magistrates Court.

The tout was handed a five year football banning order that prohibits him from attending any football game in the UK and preventing him from going near Old Trafford or visiting any town or city in the UK where United are playing.

Chief Inspector Dean Howard said: "It is believed that Connolly formed part of a sophisticated and widespread touting operation and this banning order shows that we take a zero tolerance approach to such behaviour.

"The unregulated market driven by touts can lead to incidents of disorder within stadia and stops genuine fans from obtaining tickets unless they are willing to pay over inflated prices.

"We work closely with Manchester United, and other football clubs, to stamp out this activity and encourage anyone who has any information regarding ticket touts to contact the police."