Iconic gangster rapper Snoop Dogg is reportedly profiting off his passion for marijuana by investing in medicinal weed app, Eaze.

Nicknamed the "Uber for weed", the service has reportedly drawn financial support from the 43-year-old's Casa Verde Capital company although Business Insider does not reveal the amount.

The app, which is said to have raised more than $10m (£6.8m) in investment funds so far, connects customers with local medical marijuana dispensaries and arranges the delivery.

It is believed that Eaze does not actually grow or sell the marijuana themselves.

Concerns have arisen that the service could be breaking the law in the 35 cities it operates in, but Eaze creator Keith McCarty, still remains confident about the future of the app.

McCarty told Quartz: "In a lot of jurisdictions, Uber was breaking the law, Airbnb was breaking the law. I think being forward-thinking, you have to see where the world is going rather than where you currently are."

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According to Sky News, Eaze plans to use the money raised to hire 50 people in 50 days and expand their service to other states that have legalised medicinal use of marijuana.

Drop It Like It's Hot rapper Snoop has spoken about his use of weed multiple times in the past, telling The Hollywood Reporter in 2012 that he has "a platinum medical marijuana card".

The rapper also praised President Barack Obama for making it easier to smoke weed, adding: "At least the s**t's been legalised in more states than when [George W.] Bush was in office, but nobody's paying attention to that.

"When Bush was president, I had to fight 15 weed cases at the same time all over the world. ... [Obama] loosened up screws in certain areas and opened up some eyes, but because he's a black man, his s**t is [going to] be microscoped, and it'll be what he didn't do as opposed to what he did do."