martha stewart
Martha Stewart attends the AOL Build Speaker Series on 13 July 2016 to talk about her career and new projects Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Celebrated television personality Martha Stewart turns 75 today. And despite her deceivingly youthful appearance, she's been through more drama than the average Mexican soap opera.

Renowned for her many talents as a businesswoman, writer and TV star, Stewart has penned several books, hosted two long-running syndicated television shows, Martha (2005-2012) and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (2011).

It seemed as though there was no realm of showbusiness that the small screen queen couldn't conquer – but things took an ominous turn and her glistening CV was soon tarnished.

Prison sentence

After enjoying an early career as a celebrity chef and all-round domestic goddess, along with writing countless books and newspaper columns on homemaking, Stewart seemed like the last person to be put behind bars.

But in March 2004, Stewart was found guilty of felony charges of conspiracy, obstruction of an agency proceeding and making false statements to federal investigators after a highly publicized six-week jury trial. She was sentenced in July of that year to serve a five-month term in a federal correctional facility and a two-year period of supervised release.

According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Stewart eschewed a loss of $45,673 (£34,303) in a stock trading case. She is thought to have sold 3,928 shares of her ImClone Systems stock in December 2001.

martha stewart
Martha Stewart produced a new book in 2013 Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for Food Network SoBe Wine & Food Festival

Showbiz comeback

With her feisty exterior and ballsy attitude, it came as no surprise when Stewart soared back into the limelight following her prison release in March 2005. She was once again involved in Martha Stewart Living and returned to daytime television with The Martha Stewart Show along with appearing in an adapted version of The Apprentice – namely The Apprentice: Martha Stewart – and published a new book in 2006, Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook. She also became a regular contributor of cooking, crafts and all things homely on NBC's Today show.

Adding yet another string to her bow, craft items under the names Martha Stewart Celebrate and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia premiered in Wal-Mart stores in July 2008.

martha stewart
Martha Stewart, rapper Snoop Dogg, and Justin Bieber at The Comedy Central Roast of Bieber at Sony Pictures Studios on March 14, 2015 in Los Angeles, California Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Still current

When it comes to being relevant, today's stars should take note from Stewart. Perhaps her no-nonsense personality is to thank, but she's never let her age stop her from remaining in popular culture.

Proving her worth by appearing on the panel of Comedy Central's Roast of Justin Bieber in 2015, Stewart was described as having "more street cred than Ludacris and Snoop Dogg combined," by comedian Kevin Hart. The lifestyle guru took some tongue-in-cheek swipes at fellow roasters before giving Bieber some tips on when he would "inevitably ends up in prison".

She told him:

"Let's get to the reason I'm here tonight which is to give Justin Bieber some tips to use when he inevitably ends up in prison. I've been in lockup and you wouldn't last a week, so pay attention. The first thing you'll need is a shank. I made mine out of a pin tail comb and a pack of gum. It's so simple. I found Bubbalicious works best and it's so much fun to say.

When I did my stretch, all the hood rats on my cell block wanted to break off a piece of Martha Stewart's ass, so I decided some bitch needed to get got. I walked into the chow hall, picked out the biggest bull dyke and I stuck her. From then on, prison was easier than making blueberry scones. Shaq, I hope your mom doesn't still hold a grudge.

Justin, before I go, here is my final piece of advice. You need to settle down, bring some balance into your life, find yourself the right gal but she'll have to be someone on your level, someone powerful and famous and rich, someone you can smoke a joint with or indulge in the occasional three-way. I'm talking about a player in the board room and a freak in the bedroom. So Justin, my final piece of advice is, call me."

In other areas of relevant media, it is thought that the character of Judy King in season 3 of Orange is the New Black is based on Stewart. The prison series features a new inmate, a famous chef, lifestyle expert and TV personality convicted of tax evasion – who experienced a televised trial. Sound familiar? In any case, that's a pretty cool show to be depicted in.