The first trailer has been released for the new film by Paul Thomas Anderson, The Master.

The successful writer and director has given his fans a five year wait since the massive success of his last film, There Will Be Blood, which cleaned up at the Oscars.

The fifties-set film also marks the return of Joaquin Phoenix, who spoofed his own retirement from acting in the Casey Affleck-directed faux documentary I'm Still Here in 2010.

The film revolves around the 'master' of the title, a man who sets up his own religious group. However the trailer does not make that clear, instead focusing on the eerie, threatening character played by Phoenix, as he is questioned about his violent outbursts.

The trailer is typically illusive for Anderson, who is gaining a following as a visual auteur following a string of cult hits including Punch Drunk Love, Boogie Nights and Magnolia.

The film is planned for a release later this year.