Thomas Markle Sr., the estranged father of Meghan Markle, has been slapped with a restraining order following claims made in a new book that he wanted to kill photographer Jeff Rayner.

Rayner, the co-owner of tabloid and news agency Coleman-Rayner, said he fears for his life after the Duchess of Sussex's father threatened to kill him in Tom Bower's book. In his interview for the book called "Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War Between the Windsors," the 78-year-old former Hollywood lighting director threatened to get his revenge on the company that allegedly ruined his relationship with his daughter and his son-in-law Prince Harry.

The restraining order obtained by TMZ quoted Markle's statement in the book which read, "I got screwed by Rayner and I'm going to find a way to screw him over before I die. I want to tear him down. If they tell me I've got terminal cancer, then I'll kill him because I have nothing to lose."

Rayner admitted in the court documents that he is scared of what Thomas Sr. will do. He reportedly anticipates, that given his age, the duchess' father "will use a gun or other weapon" to attack or kill him. He said he lives in "anxiety and fear now of daily life" and has asked the judge to order Meghan Markle's father to stay 300 feet away from him.

However, Thomas Markle Jr. just brushed off Rayner's allegations. Speaking on behalf of his father, he said, "First of all, Jeff Rayner being threatened by a 78-year-old man who had a heart attack and stroke recently and walks with a cane poses a threat to you -- that's ridiculous and pathetic and embarrassing on your behalf."

He continued, "And on another note, you should file one on me also because I feel the same way as my father feels toward you and your company Coleman-Rayner."

It should be noted that Thomas Sr. worked with Coleman-Rayner in 2018 to set up paparazzi shots ahead of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding in May. He was reportedly offered nearly $100,000. The deal consisted of 30% future earnings on the pictures and a cash payout of $1,500.

He later regretted staging the shots and apologised to his daughter for lying about it during a phone call. But the damage has already been done. He and the Duchess of Sussex are no longer on speaking terms and have not personally seen each other since before the wedding.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
During the Oprah interview, Markle speaks of the betrayal she felt when her father lied to her about staging paparazzi photos ahead of her wedding to Prince Harry. Photo: CBS / Sebastien VUAGNAT