The Mentalist
Jane and Lisbon in The Mentalist Season 7 TheMentalist/facebook

The Mentalist season 7 is slowly moving towards the finale and according to episode 10's synopsis, a major death may be waiting for Jisbon fans.

The next episode of CBS' police procedural drama is titled 'Nothing Gold Can Stay' and rumour has it that Agent Vega may die in it.

In the previous episode, Jane, Lisbon and the rest of the gang face some dreaded criminals who were armed to the teeth with weapons.

The promo of the upcoming episode shows the FBI participating in a funeral service and later Jane telling Lisbon, "I can't do this anymore, that could have been you in that coffin."

The official synopsis of the upcoming episode reads: "Jane takes extreme measures as the team tries to apprehend a deadly gang of armoured car robbers before their desperation to remain free costs more innocent people their lives."

Enstarz suspects that this might be the end of Agent Vega and her death will shake the Mentalist to the core and will reignite the fear of losing the love of his life, Teresa Lisbon.

As season 7 inches closer to its finale, fans are hoping to see Jisbon married and in the current situation Jane might take the extreme step and propose to his lady love.

Mentalist season 7 will air episode 10 on 4 February on CBS.