The Metropolitan Police's former IT chief was awarded a total remuneration package of £400,000 last year – more than seventeen times the wage of a junior teacher in London.

Ailsa Beaton's pay was disclosed by the College of Police when it released comprehensive details of high ranking police staffs' salaries for the first time.

The report also revealed that Beaton was given £167,230 ($283,153, €204,538) for "loss of office" for the 2012/13 financial year.

This was on top of a £193,756 salary, £33,388 in pension contributions and £3,140 for benefits in kind.

Beaton's total remuneration package hit £397,514 in 2012/13 or more than seventeen times the salary of newly qualified teacher working in London (£22,853).

"Beaton received a voluntary exit payment in line with standard civil service terms," a spokesperson for Metropolitan Police said.

"This is the same package that has been, and continues to be, offered to many hundreds of Met police staff as we seek to transform our organisation and reduce our support service costs.

"Beaton was eligible to depart under a voluntary exit arrangement because of the new corporate direction regarding our IT transformation and its requirement for sustained leadership over a period longer than which Miss Beaton could reasonably commit to."

The report also revealed that the second highest earner out of Metropolitan Police in 2012/13 was the force's Deputy Commissioner.

Craig Mackey was awarded £283,447, which included a £227,163 salary, £52,514 in pension contributions and £3,770 in benefits in kind.