A girl who was abducted by her mother in 2002 following a custody dispute with the child's father has been found in Mexico.

Sabrina Allen, who was four years old at the time she was taken by her mother Dara Llorens.

Now aged 17, she was rescued by authorities on Tuesday in a town southeast of Mexico City, minutes after law enforcement officers arrested Dara Llorens.

She was found to be "in good physical health", private investigation firm Klein Investigating said.

FBI agents and US Marshals also took part in the rescue mission, which kicked off following a near two-week surveillance operation. The firm said a Mexican Federal Police officer was injured in the operation, but his injuries were not life threatening.

Llorens, 43, who is being held on aggravated kidnapping charges, and interfering with child custody, was extradited back to the US and booked into a Texas jail.

Sabrina was also flown to Texas, where she was being housed at an undisclosed location.

Her father, Greg Allen, said he was "overjoyed" by news that his daughter had been found safe.

"Our entire family would like to thank the investigators that made this happen," Mr Allen said.

"Our prayers go out to the Mexican Federal Police Officer who was injured. We also would like to thank the Mexican Government for their cooperation in this case.

"Last, a heartfelt thank you to the US FBI, US Marshals, and all of the investigators that have worked this case for the last 12 years. They never gave up. We look forward to being reunited very soon."