Katherine Jackson
Katherine Jackson has decided not to continue pursuing her lawsuit against nephew Trent Jackson REUTERS/Gus Ruelas

Michael Jackson's mother Katherine Jackson has decided to dismiss her lawsuit against an "abusive" nephew. The 86-year-old was expected to appear in court on 25 April to testify against Trent Lamar Jackson but a judge has ruled the case will not proceed any further.

In February, Katherine was granted a temporary restraining order against Trent, 52, after making accusations of mental abuse. Now, TMZ reports that the matriarch's lawyers asked a judge to dismiss the lawsuit "without prejudice", which would have enabled Katherine to sue Trent on similar grounds again in the future. However, the judge was not willing to prolong the issue and stated the case would be closed permanently.

According to lawyers, Katherine was unaware that the lawsuit would result in a full trial. Trent, who is a relative of Katherine's estranged husband Joe Jackson, believes she is being manipulated by her some of children, including Jermaine Jackson, so they can obtain control over The Michael Jackson Estate.

Katherine was made an executor following the king of pop's death in June 2009. The family matriarch was also made legal guardian of Michael's three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket, but they allegedly have not had contact with her since early 2017.

In her original lawsuit against Trent, Katherine claimed his years of alleged mental abuse have left her "in a constant state of fear and confusion". The documents said: "Mrs Jackson does not want to hurt anyone, and has always erred on the side of enduring abuse to save everyone else.

"[Katherine] will have moments of strength, and tell her kids that Trent is abusing her, and by the time they get Adult Protections Services to the house, he has convinced her by crying or begging not to report him, and the cycle starts all over."

In March, reports claimed that Katherine refused to fly back to the US from London where she was visiting her daughter Janet Jackson, who had recently given birth to her son, Eissa. Katherine was reportedly hesitant to return to her home in Calabasas, California for fears that Trent had hidden cameras around the property. However she eventually flew back after a judge warned she had to settle the matter.

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson has allegedly not had contact with her grandmother Katherine Jackson since the beginning of 2017 LILLY LAWRENCE/AFP/Getty Images