All eyes are on Sony right now as more rumours surrounding the PlayStation 5 surface. Meanwhile, the Japanese video game company recently made headlines for a different reason. The Playing for the Planet Alliance is a new effort from the United Nations Environment Programme that encourages the gaming industry to help save the planet. Along with its rival, Microsoft will be working together to reduce carbon emissions.

The yet-to-be-revealed PlayStation 5 is already teasing some of its key features. Now, Sony is showcasing the new rest mode that reportedly consumes lesser power than the PlayStation 4. Concurrently, Microsoft proposes a different approach. Instead of exploring new ways to reduce energy consumption, it is planning to produce an estimated 825,000 special Xbox consoles. What is different about this initiative is all of these game systems manufactured from this point will be supposedly carbon neutral.

Sony and Microsoft are not alone in this endeavor. Joining the two are 19 more big-name companies that will in their own way promote environmental awareness among gamers. For now, it is unclear which Xbox model will follow the carbon-neutral approach, as indicated by GameSpot. Moreover, this announcement is fueling speculation about the company's next-generation console.

Sources confirm Microsoft has been following an emission-free practice for its business operations. Now, it appears that the carbon-neutral Xbox consoles is part of the roadmap to encourage zero-emission practices. On top of the 825,000 units slated for production, the Redmond-based technology firm will also rely on software.

"Minecraft" will be used as a platform to host the "Built the Better World" programme. The interactive nature of the popular game will guide players about how they can contribute to the movement.

Equally notable is the presence of Google, which is a new player in the gaming industry via the Stadia game streaming service. It's offering the Sustainable Game Development guide. How it works remains to be seen, but it hopes to teach developers to add subtle eco-friendly in-game elements. Similar to how the automotive industry is shifting to electrification, Video game companies such as Sony and Microsoft are spearheading a campaign for a worthy cause.

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