Windows 11
A Microsoft employee has denied the existence of Windows 12. Pixabay

If rumours making the rounds online are anything to go by, Microsoft is working on a next-generation of Windows, possibly dubbed Windows 12.

While the word on the street is that the much-awaited Windows 11 successor will be based on a three-year development cycle, a Microsoft employee has denied the existence of Windows 12 on X (formerly Twitter).

The next generation of Windows is expected to carry the codename Windows 24H2. Furthermore, past leaks suggest the next generation of Windows will be called Windows 12.

Is Windows 12 in the offing?

However, a Microsoft employee has now denied all speculations surrounding the imminent launch of Windows 12 OS via an X post. In fact, the employee claims there is no such thing.

In the tweet, the staff member refuted the existence of the long-rumoured Windows 12 operating system. However, the post was deleted after users started asking questions.

In a series of posts, the senior Microsoft program manager noted that "Windows 12 is not a thing". It is unclear why the top executive took down the post.

There is also the possibility that the employee may be unaware of Microsoft's plans to call its next OS "Windows 12".

Why the Windows 12 rumour mill is in full swing?

Microsoft's purported next-generation operating system has been subject to a lot of leaks and speculations lately. For instance, Windows 12 was spotted in Build 2023 in August.

Last month, developer Rafael Rivera discovered hints that confirm the existence of Windows 12 inside a VMWare software called ESXI Version 8.

After taking a closer look, some Reddit users found that the software had been hinting at the existence of Windows 12 for over 6 months. So, is this a sign that Windows 12 OS is right around the corner? Not yet.

According to the folks at Windows Latest, such clues usually mean nothing. Taking to the comments section of the X post, ex-staffer from Oracle Christian Hammond noted that VMWare developers sometimes place such hints for "future planning and testing".

In other words, the name's appearance does not guarantee the operating system will see the light of day. "I'm not there anymore so I can't speak on this particular case, but I'm not shocked to see it," the former VMWare workstation developer noted in an X post.

Is Windows 11 successor coming soon?

Now, the Microsoft program manager's decision to delete the tweet has added more fuel to the fire. Despite Microsoft's attempt to keep details about the alleged Windows 12 under wraps, the rumour mill has been churning out a lot of speculations surrounding the next-gen OS lately.

According to earlier reports, Microsoft is working on a Chrome OS-like, web-focused version of Windows 12. Also, the highly anticipated Windows OS could arrive in the fall of 2024, if earlier reports turn out to be true.