Microsoft Lumia 535
Microsoft expected to release another OTA to fix Lumia 535 touch screen issue. Microsoft

Microsoft is likely to release another OTA update for its affordable Lumia 535 smartphone to fix persistent touch screen sensitivity issue in a few days.

"Please wait for the software update coming OTA in the next few days, install it and verify touch performance, ensure your screen is clean and moisture-free," a Microsoft representative told its Yammer Group for MVPs, reports WindowsCentral.

A new software build of Windows Phone 8.1.1 with software version 14234 will be released for select Lumia devices including Lumia 930. This build might have the fix for the Lumia 535 touch screen issue.

Last December, Microsoft released a software update for the Lumia 535 and the Lumia 535Dual SIM in select countries, aimed at improving the touch screen performance. But the patch failed to fix the issue.

Recently, a Microsoft support site has shared a few tweaks for Lumia 535 and its dual SIM variant users who are still experiencing problems with touch screen or, display not working properly.

  • Check that there are no water drops or moisture on the touch panel. Wipe out the water drops and moisture to get the touch panel to function normally.
  • When typing on the keyboard, take care that you tap the centre of the key. Otherwise, a wrong key may get pressed if typing too fast.
  • If the screen gets magnified or zoomed when typing, check if the screen magnifier is enabled. You can turn the feature on and off in Settings > Ease of access > Screen Magnifier.
  • When charging, use the original charger coming with the phone. The touch screen may perform poorly if charging with a third party charger that is not compatible with the phone.
  • Check also that all the phone updates have been installed (Settings > Phone update > Check for updates).