Windows 10 for phones on Lumia 930
Lumia Denim is now reportedly rolling out to EE-driven Microsoft Lumia 930s in UK IBTimes UK

Microsoft Lumia 930 users, residing in the United Kingdom can check for the Lumia Denim software update, which is seeding to subscribers of EE's wireless service.

According to a WMPowerUser report, the Lumia Denim OTA update is now available for Lumia 930 users who have subscribed to EE's wireless network services in the UK.

Prior to this, the Lumia Denim upgrade was available for Vodafone-driven Lumia 930 smartphones.

EE-driven Lumia 930 users would automatically be notified about the update; however users can manually check for the it as well.

Follow the steps below to manually check for the latest Lumia Denim OTA update.

Navigate to Settings > Phone Updates

Select Check for Updates

Current Lumia Denim rollout status in the UK:

Apart from the latest roll-out to EE-driven Lumia 930 handsets, the update is also available for the following variant and carrier-driven smartphones in the UK:

  • Lumia 520 (country variant, EE, O2, Vodafone)
  • Lumia 535 (country variant)
  • Lumia 620 (country variant, O2, Vodafone)
  • Lumia 625 (country variant, EE, O2, Vodafone)
  • Lumia 635 (EE)
  • Lumia 720 (country variant, O2)
  • Lumia 830 (Vodafone)
  • Lumia 930 (Vodafone)
  • Lumia 1320 (country variant)
  • Lumia 1520 (Vodafone)

Do let us know if the software is available for other Lumia smartphones in the comments section below.

Key enhancements brought along by the Lumia Denim update:

  • Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1
  • Multiple camera-related updates
  • Live folders
  • Cortana
  • Apps corner
  • SMS merge and forwarding
  • Snooze Times
  • Consumer VPN
  • Mobile Web Site improvements in IE

Lumia 930 to get updated camera functionality

Microsoft has stated that users of the Lumia 930 will be offered an updated Lumia Camera application, along with a list of other functionality brought along by Lumia Denim.

Also, users of Lumia Icon, Lumia 1520 and Lumia 830 can expect the updated Lumia Camera app.

The improved Lumia Camera app is not available for other Lumia users.