Microsoft Focussing on Windows 10:  Announces End of Windows 8 Software Sales
Microsoft now Seeding New Update to Windows Phone Developer Preview Users. Wikimedia Commons/Microsoft

Microsoft is now rolling out an update for Windows Phone users registered as developers under the company's 'Windows Phone Preview for Developers' initiative.

Users registered under the above programme will be seeded the Windows Phone 8.1 having build number 8.10.14176.243, to enable developers to test out the new features that are likely to roll out with future Windows Phone 8.1 update iterations.

The Redmond-based company states that users encountering the 80188308 update error will be resolved, with the latest 8.10.14176.243 build update.

The above error reportedly resulted from running out of storage space in the system partition during update.

For Lumia users encountering the above update error within their devices, even after installing the latest update, Microsoft has made available a Nokia Software Recovery tool with the help of which users can reset their devices.

In other cases, users with lower storage space within their device may encounter an 'Out of Storage error'. To resolve this issue, users can click here to check out guidelines on how to increase the internal storage area within their Lumia mobile devices.

Apart from the above, users on HTC Windows Phone 8X and 8S can update the OS of their smartphones to Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 Update, by installing the latest 8.10.14176.243 build upgrade.

The latest update should be available to general users and developers, via the over-the-air (OTA) mechanism.

Finally, Microsoft has started rolling out the Lumia Cyan update to users of Lumia smartphones running the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview version.