According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Microsoft is recalling about 2.25 million AC power cords for its Surface Pro lineup, due to fire and shock hazards. Microsoft has received as many as 56 reports of the cable catching fire as a result of overheating and five incidents of electrical shock to consumers.

The Microsoft recall applies to power cables for Surface Pro, Pro 2, and Surface Pro 3 devices sold before 15 March 2015.

It is not applicable to cables sold for devices including Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book after the said date. Also excluded in the list are the DC power cables for all devices and AC power cords and power supplies for the docking stations for the Surface series tablets.

The recalled cables were at Microsoft Stores as well as other retailers worldwide from February 2013 through 15 March 2015 for between $800 (£555.7, €733) and $2,000 for the Surface Pro devices and for between $64 and $80 for the power supply units sold separately, said the US CPSC.

The US CPSC has advised users to stop using the recalled cables and contact Microsoft for replacements. You can get a replacement for one AC power cord free of cost for the Surface Pro tablets. If you have more than one Surface Pro device, you might need to submit a replacement order for each one.

The Microsoft recall comes within a week of Apple issuing a massive recall notice for its two-pin wall plug adapters due to risk of electric shock. The recalled products were sold in Brazil, Argentina, parts of Europe, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.