Microsoft has released an app aimed at fixing random reboot issues on Lumia devices.

The company has been sending out emails to Windows Phone owners about a critical update, which started rolling out in June, requesting them to install the update.

If for certain reasons you have missed out the update, do not worry, as the company has found a way out to help you with resolving the random reboot issue on your Lumia phone through an app - Stop Restart - currently available for download, weighing in at only 1MB, from the Windows Store, reports Windows Central. The app is compatible with Lumia models running Windows Phone 8.1.

Microsoft identified a problem in some versions of Windows Phone 8.1 that could cause a phone to restart periodically. We've already made a fix that has resolved this problem for the majority of Windows Phones. However, some phones that have not connected to Microsoft servers still need the fix to be applied.

This app will verify if your phone has been fixed. If it hasn't been fixed, the app will attempt to fix it immediately if you're connected to Wi-Fi.

If your Lumia device is still experiencing random reboot, give the Stop Restart app a try.

Download link: Stop Restart app