Microsoft AI chip
Microsoft will soon add GPT-4 Turbo to Bing AI. Pixabay

Microsoft is reportedly gearing up to add GPT-4 Turbo to Bing Chat, which the Redmond-based tech giant recently renamed to Copilot.

To those unaware, Microsoft ditched the Bing Chat moniker for its generative AI-backed chatbot earlier this month. The company now uses Copilot to refer to the service.

Regardless of the name Microsoft uses for its widely popular chatbot, the company is sparing no effort in a bid to improve it. In line with this, Bing AI (A.K.A. Copilot) is slated to get GPT-4 Turbo soon despite some unresolved issues around the implementation.

It is worth noting that Bing AI currently draws its power from GPT-4. The more powerful GPT-4 Turbo will add a slew of benefits to the AI service. In addition to getting important advancements, the upgraded version of Bing AI will be able to provide more accurate responses to queries.

Now, an exchange on X (formerly Twitter) between a Bing AI user and Microsoft's head of Advertising and Web Services Mikhail Parakhin has shed some light on the transition to GPT-4 Turbo.

GPT-4 Turbo upgrade for Copilot: What to expect?

As first spotted by MS Power User, Ricardo, an X user noted that they can now access Bing's redesigned layout and plug-ins. Ricardo went on to ask whether Bing now uses GPT-4 Turbo.

Taking to the comments section, Parakhin responded by stating that GPT-4 Turbo is not yet working in Copilot. Apparently, they still need to iron out a "few kinks" before Copilot can adopt the latest language model.

Also, the folks at Neowin asked the top executive whether Microsoft plans to increase the character limit when GPT-4 Turbo is added. Parakhin wrote, "Yes, Turbo has a larger context window, so will try to increase the limit".

This is a big relief for users who have restlessly been waiting to go over the current limit. To those unaware, Bing Chat/Copilot currently has a 5,000-character limit for each chat.

Another X user asked Parakhin to explain how the GPT-4 Turbo is better than the normal GPT-4 model. In response, he explained that GPT-4 Turbo outperforms vanilla GPT-4 on "perceived intelligence", which alludes to the tech behemoth's internal metric of how smart the system feels when you talk to it.

However, Parakhin admitted that the model still needs some improvement in the Math and Coding department. Since GPT-4 Turbo has a higher throughput, he believes the model can have more users or run DCs less "hot" and therefore improve latency.

Also, Parakhin confirmed that the company is preparing to fully roll out the support for third-party plugins, which have been in testing for a few users for a while.

"We are gradually rolling out plug-ins for everyone. It's not location-specific, just a random percentage of the world," he said. Also, Microsoft has confirmed that it will not take any responsibility if its users infringe on copyrighted material with the help of an AI tool like Copilot.