Microsoft signage is seen at the company's headquarters in Redmond
It looks like Microsoft is gearing up to roll out more ads to the Windows 11 Start Menu Reuters

Microsoft will continue rolling out ads in the Windows 11 Start Menu, much to the chagrin of local account users. Notably, the changes were introduced in the Windows 11 KB5023778 update, which was released earlier this month. Aside from bringing major bug fixes and features, the update added advertisements on Microsoft's OneDrive cloud backup for select users.

Now, users see an ad every time they click on the desktop's Windows icon. One of the ads urges users to back their files up to OneDrive. Likewise, another ad prompts users to sign up for a Microsoft Account. Now, it looks like the American tech company isn't planning to stop introducing ads in its latest operating system.

According to a report by Gizmodo, Microsoft will continue shoving ads into Windows 11 OS. Apparently, the company is gearing up to bombard its latest operating system users with more ads that will urge them to avail of Microsoft's "free" services every time they try to sign out from Windows 11. To those unaware, signing up with an official Microsoft account enables users to back up a device.

Furthermore, they can get 5GB of free cloud storage that can come in handy for accessing files on the go. By signing up for an official Microsoft account, you can keep your security and profile settings in one place and even use Microsoft 365. Nevertheless, Microsoft has been catching flak for forcing these ads on people. Some users recently took to Reddit to share their thoughts on Microsoft's decision to bring more ads to Windows 11 OS.

The Redmond company shared details about its Windows 11 Insider preview build 23435 via a blog post last week. According to the post, the latest build comprises a new "Gallery" mode for the File Explorer. This will simplify and expedite the process of browsing photos. Microsoft is also reportedly making it easier to switch default apps in the operating system.

Also, the preview build 23435 of Windows 11 will bring an in-OS advertising feature dubbed "badging." This feature will be available to local user accounts, and Microsoft has spared no effort to show off its creativity with these ads. Notably, the ads will appear as small messages that will float above the sign-out button.

What else to expect?

Microsoft claims these small messages that will pop up on Windows 11 will familiarise users with the "benefits" of signing up for an official Microsoft account. For instance, the messages claim users will be able to access services such as Microsoft 365 productivity software and OneDrive. So, it is safe to say these ads will simply promote all services that Microsoft has to offer.

The current build of Windows 11 allows you to disable ads by heading straight to Windows 11 Settings. It will be interesting to see whether the tech behemoth will offer the same functionality when this beta build goes live. Interestingly, it looks like not everyone is upset about Microsoft pushing more ads. According to a report by The Register, one Reddit user noted that getting these notifications is better than Windows turning into a subscription model.

Likewise, other users pointed out that Windows 8 and Windows 10 showed advertisements for OneDrive. So, this isn't the first time Microsoft is using its operating system to advertise its products. It is also worth mentioning here that not all features that are included in the preview builds are added to the full release. However, with Microsoft pushing these ads really hard, Windows 11 users are likely to get them soon, whether they like it or not.

Moreover, Microsoft is prepping to change the Windows 11 Print Screen key's function. The Print Screen button will reportedly be transformed into a key that opens the Windows 11 Snipping Tool. The tech firm could also allow its operating system users to force-close apps from the taskbar. Lastly, Microsoft could be testing an Edge feature that brings an extra taskbar to Windows.