Xbox Windows 10
The new Xbox One ecosystem. Microsoft

Microsoft has updated the official Xbox app for Windows 10 with significant enhancements that gamers should find useful. The updated Xbox for Windows 10 is currently available for free download via the official Microsoft Store, and the app can is applicable to users running Microsoft Windows 8.1 and above.

Among the major enhancements incorporated this time around is the ability to access Xbox One game clips by both developers and general gamers currently running any of the Windows 10 builds.

Users should also notice modifications in the user interface (UI), in the form of effective controls with respect to maintaining changing window sizes, and the UI also displays recently played games on both Xbox and Windows platforms.

Other noticeable enhancements:

  • Watch shared clips.
  • Find new friends.
  • View the games currently being played by friends.
  • Send messages to friends.
  • Comment on friends' posts.
  • Discover new games.
  • Watch game clips.
  • Post exclusive game clips.
  • Track gaming achievements.
  • Stay connected with friends even when on the move.

Apart from the above, Microsoft also lets Xbox users provide feedback on the service. Users can click here to navigate to the official 'Xbox on Windows 10' forum to post newer ideas/feedback.