Middle aged lady who blasted our reggae non-stoop faces jail if she keeping driving neighbours crazy
Middle aged lady who blasted out non-stop reggae faces jail if she keeps driving neighbours crazy Reuters

A middle-aged woman obsessed with playing reggae music very loudly has been told to turn it down or face jail.

Chrissie Holyoak, 54, who claims the sun-kissed sound is her "therapy", likes to play her music loud enough to drown out the noise of the nearby M11 motorway in Essex.

Unsurprisingly, Holyoak's neighbours in Buckhurst Hill do not enjoy the effect and she incurred an ASBO as a result.

But the allure of reggae was apparently too strong and Holyoak repeatedly breached the court order by blasting out the tunes at high volume.

Holyoak turned up for her latest court appearance with a pair of big headphones clamped to her ears, so she would not be without her beloved music, claiming: "I would crack up if I couldn't listen to music."

Neighbour Anna Glendenning, a nurse, told Chelmsford Crown Court the noise caused her stress.

"It was loud reggae music and was intrusive in the garden, once we had to shut the bedroom windows when my husband was ill in bed and on another occasion there was loud music when she was sunbathing on the patio.

"Also, I just wanted to sit in the garden and relax but the music took over the whole garden, causing tension headaches.

"One day we planned to have a family barbecue but we had to abandon it because of the loud music.

"Being a nurse is stressful in another way and I like my own company.

"I do gardening and wash the car and once she was in the garden and said 'I'll f****** get you, c***,'" reported the Mirror.

Speaking outside court, Holyoak said she "could not believe" she faced 10 weeks in prison if the reggae assault continued.

She claimed the case was part of a plot to force her from her home.