Osama Abdul Moshen
Osama Abdul Mohsen (C), a Syrian refugee who was filmed being tripped up by a camerawoman as he fled police in Hungary with his young son Zaid, poses with Zaid and his other son Mohammad al Ghadabe (R), in front of their new home in Getafe, Spain, September 17, 2015. Mohsen has been offered a job in soccer coaching in Madrid, after his story caught the eye of a training school there. REUTERS/Andrea Comas

A Syrian refugee who was tripped on video by a Hungarian camerawoman while holding his son was offered a football coaching position in Spain. As the upsetting video went viral, the story of Osama Abdul Mohsen became known around the world.

Mohsen,father to 7-year-old Zaid and a former division one football coach in Syria, was offered a job and a place to live near Getafe, in Spain's national football coach training centre Cenafe. School director Miguel Galán told The Associated Press: "Hopefully, this will serve as an example to the rest of Europe. We need to help these people."

"I am very, very happy when Mr Miguel called [me] to come to Spain," Mohsen told a reporter from the Spanish newspaper El Mundo on his train ride from Germany with his two sons. "I see a future for my family in Spain." According to The Washington Post, Mohsen and his sons traveled with an Arabic-speaking Cenafe student and a reporter from El Mundo, arriving in Madrid on 17 September.

The father of four told reporters that it is "very vital" for his family to reunite with him in Spain. Mohsen's wife and two more children remain in Turkey. Officials at the football academy are reportedly working to have the man's family join him in Spain and to have him legalised so he can begin his new job.

"Before working or anything, I want to gather my family, because now we are all spread out and I just want to see us all together again and try to live happily here," Mohsen told Reuters. Mohsen was able to travel with his young son Zaid and his 18-year-old son Mohammed.

Galán told Spanish newspaper El Pais that the football academy used its budget for advertising to pay for an apartment for Mohsen. "When we saw the story of Mohsen published in the newspapers we felt very bad about it," Cenafe's director said. "As soon as he learns Spanish, we plan to offer him a job at our organisation."

The football academy released a statement, in which it said that its students would be better prepared to work abroad in countries such as Dubai, Qatar and Egypt with the addition of Mohsen on staff. "We can only thank Osama for accepting our invitation," the statement said.

According to The Washington Post, Spain has pledged to welcome 17,680 refugees. Mohsen, along with thousands of refugees found themselves in an unwelcoming Hungary as they made their way to Austria and Germany. Footage of Mohsen and his son being tripped by Hungarian camerawoman Petra Laszlo went viral, leading to her being sacked from Hungary's N1TV.