Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis has been notified of Lynn's escape says the Los Angeles County sheriff

Police are searching for Mila Kunis's stalker Stuart Lynn Dunn after he escaped from a mental health facility on 30 May.

The 30 year old was institutionalised in 2013 at the Olive Vista Behavioural Health Center in Pomona, California, following his no-contest plea to a felony count of stalking the Friends With Benefits star.

Talking to the Los Angeles Times, LA County sheriff Lieutenant Martin Rodriguez stated that Kunis has been notified of Dunn's disappearance.

He made "an unauthorised departure" from the behavioural facility at around 8pm on Saturday and it is believed both the Sheriff's Department and the Los Angeles County Probation Department have been conducting a search for Dunn since.

Back in January 2012, Dunn broke into Kunis's West Hollywood home while it was vacant and lived there for two weeks while trying to retrieve personal information about her. In February of the same year, he was convicted of breaking and entering and pleaded no-contest. He was court ordered to stay away from the Black Swan actress for three years.

However, just a few months later in May, he was arrested after being spotted outside her gym on three consecutive days. Kunis reportedly resorted to hiding in her car until the police turned up to the scene.

A year after he first broke into her home, in January 2013, at the arraignment hearing for violating the previous restraining order, he again pleaded no-contest. At this time, Kunis made it clear that she felt her safety had started to become threatened by Dunn.

Dunn was later convicted of stalking the 31-year-old star and was sentenced to six months in the mental health centre. In addition, he was ordered to stay away from Kunis, her agents, managers and assistants for at least 10 years.