It looks like Liam Hemsworth's idea of enjoying a chilled bath and then kicking up a storm by posing in incredibly "tiny shorts" has not gone down well with his fans.

The Australian actor betrothed to pop star Miley Cyrus, took to Instagram on Monday (10 July) to flaunt his ripped body in a series of almost nude pictures save for the rolled-up shorts covering up his manhood. Alongside the revealing photos, he simply wrote, "Here's to ice baths and flexing in tiny shorts".

Although the 27-year-old star could very well give his older brother, Chris Hemsworth, a run for his money with his hunky physique, the shirtless (and pantless) images seemed to have struck the wrong chord with Liam's social media followers.

"Sorry Liam, prefer you with some clothes on. Longer shorts preferably," one Instagram user sarcastically commented on the image that showed The Hunger Games actor all hulked up.

Here's to ice baths and flexing in tiny shorts

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Another critic mocked, "The small legs don't help either," while someone else added, "I think I just lost my crush on you."

The Aussie actor, who has more than eight million followers on the popular picture-sharing site, was blasted with all sorts of questions as soon as he shared the bizarre outdoor snaps. While many seemed outraged, some were intrigued about the reason behind the sudden uncharacteristic images.

"I like many of us want to know the story behind these photos," a curious fan asked.

"Cool... Now I think about Tarzan (sic)," someone else wrote comparing Liam to the scantily-clad fictional character.

Amid the backlash, however, Liam's loyalists were more than happy to get a glimpse of his brawny looks. "Sweet baby Jesus, I've died and gone to heaven!" a fan, who like many others drooling over the hunk's shirtless images, wrote.

Liam also treated his fans to an adorable couple photo with his songstress girlfriend. Sharing a black and white image with Miley and in the process dismissing all the recent split rumours, the actor gushed, "My little angel and I."

My little angel and I.

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