Miley Cyrus' fans were irked after the Wrecking Ball singer posted explicit pictures of Fuller House actress Jodie Sweetin with an unidentified man. Miley captioned the photos: Current Mood #fullerhouse, where Sweetin, 34, can be seen seated on man's lap, wearing a back low cut tank top and purple pants.

After Miley posted the photos, fans came to Sweetin's defence, who back in 2009 had revealed her battle against drug abuse and alcohol in her memoir tilted unSweetined.

Current Mood #fullerhouse

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"You know this would get headlines and she's a mother. Just want to humiliate someone,' one Instagram user wrote, according to Daily Mail.

"Not really funny... she was a drug addict and in a really bad place. She turned her life around and is well now. No need for you to bring this back..." another fan said.

"And the Miley Cyrus bar has been lowered again....," said another follower.

"I used to look up to you Miley. But not so much any more. Think of how you would feel if someone did this to you!" another Instagram user commented.

Sweetin, who is now sober, told TV Guide "I started doing that, you know, my early twenties after I had a period of a couple years of not drinking and not using, I started drinking again thinking, 'Maybe I just wasn't doing it right', 'Maybe I didn't know how to drink'."

"I was around people that had been doing speed, and you know, still had fairly normal lives, had friends and families, and people that didn't look like your typical drug user, and I got into doing it and was hiding it from my husband at the time and it became a lot easier to hide the drug use than it did to hide the drinking," she added.