Miley Cyrus' new tattoo is said to be a subtle dig at her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth since the ink speaks of independence.

The "Wrecking Ball" singer got herself new ink over the weekend by celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Winter. She had the simple word "Freedom" tattooed in delicate curves on her right hand, just above her knuckles.

Winter, aka Winter Stone, shared a couple of pictures of Cyrus' new tattoo on his Instagram page. He captioned the photos "FREEDOM" along with the hashtags #freedom, #mothersdaugter, #mileycyrus, #singleneedle, #delicatelysharp, and #tattoo. The tattoo artist reportedly inked the word on the singer's hand using a single needle, thus the hashtag.

Cyrus' new ink could refer to her 2019 track "Mother's Daughter" in which she sings "So don't f— with my freedom." But fans get the feeling that it is a subtle dig at her divorce from Hemsworth. After all, she got the tattoo amid their divorce case.

Check out #MileyCyrus’s new tattoo. It says Freedom.

— Liz On The Radio 🎙 (@LizOnTheRadio) December 9, 2019

Recent reports revealed that the "Hunger Games" star and Cyrus have yet to officially legalise their divorce. The actor received a notice from the court that his request for separation is incomplete because it lacks signatures.

The court reminded Hemsworth to have the divorce papers signed by Cyrus if he wants to continue with the process. He is also warned of a penalty in case he fails to comply with the requirements ahead of a scheduled court hearing that he and his ex-wife need to attend.

It is unclear if Hemsworth has given the needed documents for Cyrus to sign or she has them already but is taking her time to respond. Either way, the court has the right to dismiss the actor's divorce request if they fail to do the necessary steps to complete their case.

Aside from the "Freedom" tattoo, Cyrus also had Yoko Ono's message for her inked on her back. John Lennon's widow once sent the former Disney star a sentimental message that read "I'm proud of you, Yoko." Cyrus had it tattooed in Ono's handwriting.

"I'm proud of you, yoko. Hand written note to @mileycyrus from @yokoonoofficial what a special tattoo for you Miley! I was honored to tattoo this for you!" Winter captioned an Instagram photo of the tattoo he shared on Sunday.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus
Liam Hemsworth (L) and Miley Cyrus make a rare red carpet appearance together for the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images