Last year marked the commercial arrival of foldable smartphones. Royole lead the pack with the FlexPai, while Samsung and Huawei followed shortly. Despite the aggressive marketing campaign for the Galaxy Fold and Mate X, it was another brand that earned a lot of publicity shortly before 2019 ended. Motorola surprised the smartphone industry with its reintroduction of the Razr series albeit in cutting-edge foldable form. The clamshell form factor, the nostalgic elements, and advanced folding mechanism instantly made it a hit among consumers and tech journalists. Now after some delays, the mobile device is up for pre-order right now.

Based on the feedback posted by people who had some hands-on time with the new Razr, it stands out from its competitors due to its ability to keep the screen free from creases. Both the Mate X and Galaxy Fold visibly sport creases on the flexible display panels after some time.

On the other hand, Motorola's innovative hinge system somehow still allows the handset to close flush but prevents the plastic substrate from stretching beyond its limit. In a related report, one journalist was able to get an in-depth description of how it functioned. Instead of completely folding the screen in half, there is a gap within the housing that allows it to bend naturally.

This reduces the risk of the plastic substrate to deform and create an unsightly crease. Despite its outstanding durability, Motorola encourages users to view and learn some guidelines on how to properly handle their new handset, according to Engadget.

In its "Caring for Razr" video, the manufacturer reminds consumers that the flexible display is likely to have some imperfections, which is allegedly normal. Moreover, the clip also reveals that the device can survive accidental splashes from liquids, which must be wiped off with a dry cloth.

In addition to its water-resistance, owners are instructed to keep sharp objects away from the display and not to install a screen protector. The final piece of advice urges the user to never forget to close the Motorola Razr before it goes into the pocket or bag. Currently, the polyimide (PI) film used by flexible screens is susceptible to many forms of damage. However, it is rumoured that the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip from Samsung might sport a foldable display coated with bendable ultra-thin glass (UTG).

Motorola Razr hinge design prevents display crease
Motorola reveals the secret behind its hinge mechanism that keeps the flexible display crease-free. Photo: Motorola