Blackberry is offering high-end smartphones at discounted rates in the United States in an attempt to boost handset sales.

As per Blackberry's latest deal, devices like the Blackberry Classic, Blackberry Passport, Blackberry Q5, Blackberry Z30 and the Limited Edition Red Blackberry Passport are available online at reduced prices on the official Blackberry eStore.

The pricing of the devices is as follows:

  • Blackberry Classic: Now available for $399 (£266); down from its earlier pricing of $449.
  • Blackberry Passport, Black and White: Available for $549; down from $599.
  • Unlocked Blackberry Q5: Available for $149; down from its earlier $249 pice tag.
  • GSM Unlocked Blackberry Z30: Currently available for $229; down from $349
  • Limited Edition Red Blackberry Passport: Available for $549; in comparison to its earlier $599 pricing.

The above discounts are most likely being offered by the cellular company as a last resort to combat below average sales.

Nonetheless, the sale should serve as a blessing in disguise for those in the US looking to buy high-end Blackberry smartphones.

Also, Blackberry is rumoured to launch a new square outer design smartphone termed Blackberry Oslo that was showcased at this year's Mobile World Congress.

Rumours also suggest state that the BB Oslo will be released on 30 June.