Nema Vand talked about his horrible experience being the target of online trolls after he spoke about being friends with Meghan Markle in high school.

The "Shahs of Sunset" star told Andy Cohen on Sunday's episode of "Watch What Happens Live" that he received death threats after he shared his history with the royal. Last year he spoke about being friends with her when they were teenagers.

It was at the time when he went to an all-boys high school, which was the counterpart of Meghan Markle's all-girls school. He had mentioned that the Duchess of Sussex once sat on his lap at a party and dated his friend Gabe. The reality TV star shared that she then "ghosted" his friend after she joined "Suits," in which she played the role of Rachel Zane for seven seasons.

During the Q&A portion of Cohen's show, one fan asked if Vand has since reached out to the duchess considering he still has her phone number from high school and now that she and Prince Harry have relocated to California. The actor said he has not tried to because other people seemingly did not want him to.

"No, because the Meghan Markle army came for me when I talked about it on my podcast," he replied and shared that he even "had reporters showing up" to his house.

"My friend, who I had mentioned had dated her, had reporters camping outside of his home for a week. I was getting death threats on Twitter because all I said was she was a woman among girls and she sat on my lap at a party, and like nose to nose with me," Vand explained.

"And the British press turned that into like, 'I'm calling her a floozy,' and they came for me. So don't mess with the queen it's my point," he pointed out.

Vand admitted the experience was "really bad" because the reporters "literally camped out" of his and his friend's house and would not leave for a week. He then jokingly suggested that he should text Meghan Markle to check if she still has her phone number from high school.

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