Nest Cam leaked image
The Nest Cam has leaked ahead of its launch on 17 June showing a wall-mounted security camera. Droid-Life

An image of what will be the first Nest-branded security camera has leaked online ahead of its launch on 17 June.

Next week Google's Nest Labs is widely expected to unveil its first security camera following the acquisition of Dropcam for $555m (£358m) in June 2014 but ahead of that launch, a leaked image of what is believed to be the camera has appeared on the website Droid-Life.

The Nest Cam doesn't look hugely different to the Dropcam and Dropcam Pro, both of which were launched in 2013. The new security camera looks like it will be wall-mounted however, just like Nest's smart thermostat and smoke detector can be.

The new camera will allow you to monitor your home remotely using smartphone apps, is set to feature upgraded 1080p video recording as well as simpler pairing through Bluetooth - as confirmed by this FCC filing.

Nest branding

While there are a number of smart home security cameras on the market, in the US Dropcam is the best known brand, though the use of Nest branding is an obvious choice for Google.

Alongside the launch of new hardware, Nest is likely to update its app to integrate the Nest Cam allowing you to link it to your other Nest devices and use them to trigger actions in one if a sensor in another is triggered.

What we still don't know is when the Nest Cam will go on sale and how much it will cost, two pieces of information the company is likely to reveal at the 17 June press conference.

Google is keen to gain a strong foothold in the burgeoning Internet of Things market and along with hardware launches like this, the company announced Project Brillo at its recent I/O developer conference.

Project Brillo is an ultra-lightweight operating system for the Internet of Things which manufacturers and developers can use to create products and apps that can easily communicate with each other. However, with developer tools for Brillo not available until later in 2015, it is unlikely that Nest Cam will be running the Android-based operating system.