Netflix has released the first trailer for eagerly-anticipated sci-fi series Star Trek: Discovery and for the first time since Kate Mulgrew's Kathryn Janeway, a female lead is set to drive the show! The Walking Dead's Sonequa Martin-Green acts as the show's protagonist Michael Burnham, a First Officer who challenges the methods of her superior when the Starfleet ship comes into contact with the villainous Klingons.

"I'm trying to save you. I'm trying to save all of you," Burnham passionately declares after encouraging her crew to "target its neck and cut off its head." There's only one problem, "Starfleet doesn't fire first," Captain Philippa Georgiou back. Well, it wouldn't be Star Trek without squabbles in space now, would it? Either way, it looks like alien threats aren't the only things that are going to threaten their survival as they encounter new races and worlds.

Unlike the optimistic and entrepreneurial explorers we've come to know within the Star Trek universe, Discovery seems to boast more of an action-packed and militant tone. Set 10 years before "Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise," it follows the story line of the original 1960's TV show rather than JJ Abrams' popular reboots on the big screen.

Sonequa Martin-Green in Star Trek: Discovery
Sonequa Martin-Green stars as First Officer Michael Burnham Netflix / YouTube

While the trailer didn't reveal exactly when the show is going to be available to watch on the streaming service, it has been confirmed that it will land sometime this year. Also featuring The Office's Rainn Wilson, Orphan Black's James Frain and Harry Potter actor Jason Isaacs, Star Trek: Discovery will air in the US on CBS "this fall."

"One of the most beautiful things of Star Trek is that you have people who see this show and they want to be scientists, they want to make it into space," showrunner Bryan Fuller, best known for American Gods and Hannibal, previously explained during Star Trek's 50th anniversary panel at San Diego Comic Con 2016. "We have to celebrate a progression of our species, because it seems right now we as a species need a little help. There's nothing like the guiding light that [Star Trek creator] Gene Roddenberry hung high in the sky." The show is also the brainchild of Star Trek veteran Alex Kurtzman.