Windows 11
A redently surfaced concept video has revealed new features in Widnows 12 OS Pixabay

A newly surfaced video has given us a glimpse into the upcoming Windows 12 operating system's stunning UI (user interface) and awe-inspiring features. Microsoft has reportedly been working on the much-awaited Windows 11 successor for a few months now. However, details about its UI and key features have been few and far between until now.

Microsoft introduced more notable upgrades to the existing Windows 11 OS compared to Windows 10, which was released in July 2015. The highly efficient Windows 11 operating system fixes several bugs, boasts impressive features, and provides a superior user experience. Regrettably, the feature-laden Windows 11 OS came with its own problems. So, Microsoft spared no effort to fix some of these issues by rolling out updates.

Much to the American tech giant's chagrin, a lot of issues have been popping up in Windows 11 updates lately. So, a considerable number of users have understandably switched back to Windows 10 OS.

Likewise, some users did not upgrade due to these issues. While Windows 11 is still new, the Windows 12 rumour mill is already in full swing. While nothing is set in stone yet, some key details about the upcoming operating system have surfaced online, courtesy of a Windows 12 concept video.

Windows 12 OS: New details revealed

Renowned concept creator, Addy Visuals has shared a video titled "Meet Windows 12 (Concept)" on their YouTube channel. The video gives us an idea of how Microsoft's next OS will look like. To recap, the same concept creator had brought Windows 7 2022 edition and Windows XP 2022 edition to life ahead of their official announcements.

New Task Bar, App Groups, Widgets

The video showcases a stunning Start Menu, a new Dynamic Taskbar, and a slew of other changes. The Dynamic Taskbar offers important information at a glance and has multiple customisation options. For instance, users can group apps within the Taskbar, and choose between Compact, Joined, or Classic style.

Moreover, Windows 12 OS gives users the freedom to organise their desktops to suit their tastes. You can even group a set of apps on the desktop and pin new Widgets and Smart Docks, according to a report by Betanews. This feature will enable you to perform important tasks quickly.

File Explorer, Dynamic Dark Mode

In the concept video, the file explorer performs several important tasks. For example, it has a Drop Zone which enables users to drag and drop files and access them later. You can change the whole look of the operating system with just a single click, thanks to Dynamic Dark Mode. The word on the street is that Microsoft is planning to deepen AI integration for Windows 12 as well.

Windows 12 release date, what we'd like to see

An earlier leak from Intel shed some light on how its upcoming chipsets, which are slated to be released in 2024, will power Windows 12 OS. So, it is safe to assume that the new version of Windows could arrive in 2024. The folks at Tom's Guide believe Windows 12 could debut around the fall of next year. In the meantime, Microsoft is reportedly working on its own AI chip to reduce its reliance on other chip makers.

It looks like Microsoft is set to return to its three-year cycle of Windows releases, which was expected to be over with Windows 10. The company initially promoted it as an ever-evolving OS. While there are other reports that hint at 2024 being the release date for Windows 12, it is worth noting that Microsoft has neither confirmed nor denied these speculations yet.

Since Windows 11 OS is still a work in progress, it is unclear what Microsoft could offer with its next-generation operating system. For example, the company touted access to Android apps with Windows 11 but made the feature available only to US users. Lastly, Windows 12 should have fewer bugs at launch compared to Windows 11 OS when it was released.