Users of Asus's Zenfone 2 series of smartphones can now download a major software update that fixes the Stagefright vulnerability and offers newer features. The latest update is applicable for Asus Zenfone 2 handsets, bearing model number ZE551ML, and bears software version number V2.20.40.59_20150807.

Asus's new update is available for manual download. The newer firmware also patches multiple known issues .

New features that Zenfone 2 ZE551ML users can check out, after installation of V2.20.40.59_20150807 update:

  • New Mobile Manager application: This feature offers lets users monitor six vital aspects about their handsets such as:
    • Data usage: Monitor and controls apps' data usage.
    • Notifications: Manage annoying notifications
    • Auto-start Manager: Monitor and control auto-start apps running in the background
    • Boost: Boosts memory
    • Power Saver: Multiple battery modes to extend battery life.
    • Virus Scanner: Scan and detect virus and malware.
  • New flip cover functionality. New clock theme
  • VIP icon in Cclock view for SMS/email/missed call
  • New timer reminder
  • New charging reminder
  • New hands-up feature: When the phone rings, hold phone in portrait mode and lift to touch the ear to answer the phone.
  • Spotify on Music app is now supported

Bug fixes:

Apart from newer features, Zenfone 2 ZE551ML users can verify fixes to the following known issues/bugs:

  • Wi-Fi info sync-up issue fixed
  • System UI and lock screen stability enhanced
  • Launcher App stability enhanced
  • Alarm function issue after set up in Snap View mode fixed
  • Task Manager enhanced
  • Optimises multiuser and do not disturb mode function stability
  • Camera sphere panorama issue fixed
  • Auto Start Manager stability enahnced
  • When AC removed, UI still shows in charge mode issue fixed
  • Fixed Cisco Anywhere VPN connection fail issue
  • Fix Wi-Fi hot spot MAC address
  • Fixed issue that noise comes out when use earphone.
  • Fixed UI shows only can making emergency call issue
  • Fixed vibrate function fail.
  • Fixed NFC can not auto connect to BT earphone.
  • Fixed can't transfer files through NFC(android beam)
  • Fixed can't use Kingston 32G SD
  • Fixed auto enable MTP issue.
  • Fixed Screen won't turn on after hang off the phone.
  • Fixed no show PCCW issue.
  • Fixed Wi-Fi hot spot can not be access by Xbox360
  • Fixed 4G internet issue.
  • Fixed ID operator can't get H+ issue
  • Fixed internet icon disappear issue.
  • Fixed charge issue.
  • Implement Android security patch for Stagefright
  • Fixed the issue: In vibrate mod, the ringtone is too loud by using headphones.
  • Fixed Puzzle & Dragons crash issue.

What is Stagefright bug in Android:

Stagefright is a media playback tool within Android, and is also now the name by which a set of major security flaws in the world's most popular mobile operating system is known. The vulnerabilities could potentially allow any hacker to take remote control of your smartphone simply by knowing what your phone number is and sending you a multimedia message (MMS).

Rendering approximately 95% of 950 million smartphones vulnerable, Stagefright is one of the most significant security vulnerabilities to affect smartphones ever. The vulnerability affects any Android device running Android 2.2 or higher.

A hacker looking to exploit Stagefright would create a video with the malware embedded in it and then send it to the victim. Because Android does the initial processing of video immediately once a message is received (in order that it will be ready for viewing instantly) the exploit is triggered. This means that the victim doesn't even have to watch the malicious video for it to infect the target smartphone.