New girl season 5
New girl will return with its 5th season on 5 January 2016 Fox

An exciting new season of New Girl premieres on 5 January at 8pm EST on Fox. Season 5 episode 1 is titled Big Mama P, where Nick Miller and Jess Day throw an engagement party for newly engaged pair Cece Parekh and Schmidt.

The official synopsis for the premiere episode reads as follows:

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In the fifth season, Nick, Jess and the rest of the gang grow up and make mature decisions according to creator Liz Meriwether. She told TV Guide, "There's been a lot of really funny stuff we've done over the years with them being incredibly immature, but it felt like the right moment to let them take steps forward."

"We've been having an amazing time this season growing the characters, and it's resulted in more comedy, not less comedy," Meriwether said. The season will also find Nick (Jake Johnson) taking over the duties of running the bar and Winston (Lamorne Morris) settling into his job as a cop.

The creator also talked about Zooey Deschanel (Jess) being absent from the show for six episodes while she is on maternity leave. "I'm glad Zooey took the time she needed, and it was a great challenge in the fifth season to have to do New Girl without the New Girl. I'm really proud of the episodes."

Actress Megan Fox is to guest star in four episodes to fill up Deschanel's void. Fox will be seen as a pharmaceutical rep named Reagan who will rent Jess's room while she is off on jury duty. The premiere will also feature a Bollywood dance number from Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield (Schmidt) and Lamorne Morris.