Big Bang Theory season 9
Jim Parsons as Sheldon and Mayim Bialik as Amy in The Big Bang Theory season 9 CBS

Sheldon and Amy's romance will continue to bloom in The Big Bang Theory season 9 midseason premiere. Episode 12 is titled, The Sales Call Sublimation, which will air on 7 January 2016 at 8pm EST on CBS Network.

The official synopsis reads as follows:

Leonard visits a psychiatrist so Penny can make a sales call on her and they learn some things about their interactions and marital issues. Stuart moves out of the Wolowitz House. Sheldon works with Raj looking for extra-solar planets.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead

Sheldon and Amy finally got intimate in the season 9 fall finale, and the upcoming episode will find Sheldon doing something romantic for his lady love. According to a leaked report, Sheldon and Raj discover a small asteroid in the episode 12, and the two will argue over it name. Later, Sheldon Skypes with Amy, who is away for a neurobiology conference, and tells her that he has decided to name the asteriod after her. And Amy seems touched by Sheldon's romantic gesture.

The Big Bang Theory season 9
Penny, Sheldon and Leonard in The Big Bang Theory season 9 CBS

Meanwhile, there is trouble in paradise for Leonard and Penny. According to a new promo Leonard and Penny are seen addressing their their marital conflict in therapy. The video claims, "Do you suffer from low self-esteem, social anxiety or sexual insecurity? Don't worry, there's a cure."

Then, Penny is seen waiting in a therapist's room and says: "We have this man-child living with us named Sheldon." To which the therapist remarks, "Leonard talked a lot about him. I wasn't sure if he was real." An annoyed Penny then unleashes and says, "He is as real as the "fine" I get when I use too much toilet paper!"