Battlefield 4
New Night Operations DLC confirmed for Battlefield 4 in September EA

Fans of the first-person shooter (FPS) gaming franchise Battlefield 4 now have lots to cheer about as a new DLC termed "Night Operations" is confirmed to be released in September.

According to a Bidness ETC report, this DLC lets gamers use new night maps, a much-demanded enhancement.

The new night map is called "Zavod: Graveyard shift", and is expected to provide more tactical and stealthy gameplay modes, along with enhanced sounds.

Specifically, the new maps will feature gaming modes such as Domination, Gun Master, Conquest, Rush, Obliteration and Team Death match.

Bidness ETC states that the new Gun Master mode will feature newer weapons exclusively for battle at the night.

"We touched things like passive/active spotting to make it easier to flank your opponent. We've improved the sound system so you can pinpoint where those footsteps come from," stated folks at EA.

Night Operations DLC for Battlefield 4 will be free of cost and will be applicable to popular gaming platforms such as Xbox 360, Xbox One and PS4.

There will also be the regular performance/stability enhancements, along with fixes for known bugs. New improvements include tweaks to weapons, net code tweaks and public server team enhancements.

EA is expected to announce the specific launch date of the new Night Operations DLC for Battlefield 4 shortly.