A Switzerland-based smartphone solutions company called SIMore has developed a new multi-SIM adapter that lets people make use three SIM cards in smartphones that support a single SIM.

Apart from the iPhone 6, SIMore's multi-SIM adapter can be used in older iPhone – and other smartphones – without having to jailbreak their handsets. The adapter is called X-Triple 6 and lets iPhone 6 users make use of three SIM-cards.

Those using the X-Triple 6 adapter can switch between multiple SIM-cards either automatically or manually.

The adapter comprises of two SIM card slots that allows for installation of a nano SIM, micro SIM and a standard SIM (one of which is installed in the phone's inbuilt SIM slot).

Users preferring to use three SIMs, can insert the first one directly into the iPhone's default SIM slot, while the remaining two SIMs can be placed at the back of the smartphone, which has an external protective case.

Smartphone users can call, send/receive text messages, access data and browse the internet by connecting to 3G/4G networks, on various SIMs.

The adapter is tailor-made for iPhone 6 users who prefer to use their smartphones more for business than for everyday use.

Apart from the X-Triple 6, SIMore has also developed the multi-SIM adapters for other smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, HTC One M9 and older iPhone models.

Prices of the multi-SIM adapters start from €35 ($51), while the iPhone 6's X-Triple 6 costs €50. SIMore also promises to deliver orders worldwide.