A newlywed bride and groom in Singapore have taken Apple fandom to the next level by posing for the ceremony's wedding photos at the country's one and only Apple Store. The celebrations saw the happy couple 'walk down the aisle' past rows of iPhones, iPads and Macs, with the store's staff and customers clapping along to celebrate the joyous, if a tad bizarre, event.

The couple wed on 3 June, but prior to the ceremony the camera-shy groom, Jermyn Wee, had a hard time agreeing to a number of possible options for wedding photography locations put forth by his future bride, Chia Suat Huang. Eventually true love overcame all, and Huang's suggestion that Singapore's Apple Store would be a snap-worthy spot clearly stole Wee's Cupertino-loving heart.

Wedding photographers Weili Yip Creations had the honour of capturing the pair in full dress and tux, and it didn't take much for the store's manager to agree to the proposal.

"They decided to let us in 10 minutes before opening," Huang told Mashable, a gesture that came after 30 minutes of nail-biting as the couple and their bridesmaids and groomsmen waited patiently outside for the all-clear.

As you'd expect, the occasion turned a few heads among those casually browsing Apple's in-store product range. "[People] were mainly curious and we heard a few congratulations along the way," Huang continued. "They started clapping when we walked down the 'aisle'."

The Orchard Road store - which opened its doors to become Singapore's solitary Apple Store on 27 May - formed an unusual backdrop for the photos as the lovebirds posed in front of a display of iPhone cases, played around with a MacBook and stole a smooch in front of a giant red love heart next to an Apple logo.

There seems to be no word on potential honeymoon locations. Perhaps a quick trip to Apple's new "Spaceship" Campus in sunny California?

You can see the full gallery of images here.