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How to fix Xposed Framework for Android Lollipop installation errors on Nexus 6. BaneTech

The long awaited Xposed Framework for Android Lollipop is now official. Without flashing any custom ROM, Xposed framework brings tons of customisations and tweaks which can be installed like apps on any rooted device.

Recognised XDA developer rovo89 has posted the download link for the Lollipop Xposed version. But this is still in alpha state and for ARMv7+ devices powered with Android Lollipop only.

It seems there have been several users who are having issues running the Xposed alpha version on the Nexus 6. It reportedly throws out errors saying Xposed was not installed and modules did not work.

Senior form member, bmg1001 has shared a few workarounds which can be used to resolve the installation issues. Download the Xposed framework, before trying out the fixes.

Download link: Xposed Framework

How to fix Xposed Framework installation error issues on Nexus 6


Step-1: Set SELinux to Permissive. If your kernel is not permissive by default, you can do so using SELinux Mode Changer root app

Step-2: While rebooting into your system after setting SELinux to permissive, enable the Xposed modules you want

Step-3: Perform a soft reboot inside the Xposed app

Step-4: Once the device boots up successfully, Xposed should be fully functional

If this does not help, try to convert Xposed to a system app.


Step-1: Download this script

Step-2: Extract the file to the root of your sdcard

Step-3: using a Terminal Emulator, type the following commands

  • su
  • cd /sdcard/
  • sh initd.sh

Step-4: Finally reboot the smartphone and you will get Xposed working


Step-1: Flash either of these following files, which does the same thing as method-2

Zip 1 or, Zip 2

You should get everything working properly. But note that all ROM/Kernel configurations do not support init.d scripts.


Use a kernel that has been set to permissive by default. Following is the download link for LeanKernel with permissive set to default


Xposed should now be working. Flashing another kernel will disable Xposed again, unless the kernel is permissive

Senior forum member, carlospr21 has shared a list of working modules for Nexus 6. Check out the following list.

  • Xposed Gel
  • Youtube adaway
  • Youtube background
  • Pandora Patcher
  • UpSideWifi
  • Exchange Security Bypass For Lollipop
  • Lollipop Power Menu
  • Niwatori - Fly apps in the Window
  • Flat style status bar indicators
  • volumesteps +
  • rootcloak
  • Tinted status bar
  • Amplify - Battery Extender
  • StatusBar download or progress
  • XBlast Tool
  • Allways Correct
  • All Notifications Expanded
  • Flat Style Keyboard
  • App Setting (DPI PerApp)
  • APM+ (Advanced Power Menu +)
  • Battery Home iCon
  • Unicon
  • XuiMod
  • Text Xposed
  • WhatsappX
  • Whatsapp Mod
  • Xposed Gesture Navigation
  • Hide network indicators
  • Hide traffic indicators
  • KeepChat
  • SnapColor
  • Force Immersive Mode On Certian apps
  • Physical Button Music Control (PBMC)
  • Immerse Me
  • Chrome Pie
  • Network Speed Indicator
  • Smart Alarm Icon
  • MinMinGuard
  • Holo Themer
  • Battery Stats Plus

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