An eyewitness to the Nice attack has described the moment a truck drove into crowds gathered on the Promenade des Anglais to watch a fireworks display for Bastille Day.

The man described seeing the truck drive directly at the crowd in an attack that has left at least 84 people dead, with more than 10 people still in a critical condition.

He told Reuters TV: "A lorry arrived and smashed into everyone. Everyone. There was no security, it took the fireman 25 minutes or half an hour to arrive.

"We were working there on the promenade. After, there were shots and everything."

The shots are believed to have been fired at the truck by police attempting to apprehend the suspect, while there have also been unconfirmed reports that the driver fired shots. The truck was covered in bullet holes and the driver has been confirmed dead.

Other eye-witnesses said the truck had been travelling at a high speed for at least 100 metres before it hit the crowd, with many of those killed believed to be children.

The city is currently on lockdown, with police having cordoned off the area around the Promenade des Anglais, and vehicles in the area are being searched.

CCTV of the area is also being reviewed to establish whether the driver of the truck had an accomplice or was acting alone.

The central hospital in Nice has released a number for families of the victims: 04 93 72 22 22.

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