Truck in Nice attack
French police forces and forensic officers stand next to the truck that ran into a crowd celebrating the Bastille Day national holiday on the Promenade des Anglais Reuters
  • 84 people are dead after a lorry struck a crowd during Bastille Day celebrations in Nice.
  • There are 50 injured, with 18 in a critical condition.
  • The attacker has been named as Tunisian-born Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel.
  • The suspect is not believed to have been on a terror watch list.
  • The incident took place on the famous Promenade des Anglais during a firework display.
  • The mayor of Nice and police have advised people to stay indoors.
  • The French president Francois Hollande said France has been "left in tears".
  • The date of the attack, France's national day of celebration, is seen as symbolic.
  • At least 12 children are believed to have been killed.
  • World leaders including Barack Obama have joined in condemning the attack.
  • The interior minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, said: "We are at war with terrorists who want to strike us at any cost and who are extremely violent."

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White House spokesman Josh Earnest says that Barack Obama has called French President Francois Hollande to "relay his condolences to the people of France on behalf of the American people".

Earnest said it was not known whther the attacker had received instructions from others, and there were no claims of responsibility so far.

He says the secretary of defense and the office of the director of national intelligence succeeded in working with the French to create a better "information-sharing relationship".

"Information sharing among European countries needs to be enhanced," he goes continues, and says it will help to preserve US security.


The Saudi Press Agency is reporting that the kingdom's highest religious body, the Council of Senior Scholars, has codemned the attack in Nice.

In a statement, the body said "Islam magnifies the sanctity of human blood and criminalizes terrorism that kills and terrorizes innocent people in their homes, markets and facilities teeming with men, women and children, and that all humanity rejects and condemns it."


CNN has verified that the man pictured on this identity card is attacker Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, 31.

Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel
Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel (
Broadcast outlets


Footage has emerged allegedly showing the truck used in last night's attack being towed away by French authorities.


Tunisia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that two males and a female national were killed in the attack.T hey are named as Olfa Bint al Suwayeh Khalafallah, born 1985; Bilal Labaoui, born 1987 and Muhammad ben Abdul Qadr al Toukebri, born 1958.


Here is footage of tributes left at the French embassy in London this morning.

Nice attack: Tributes left outside London embassy after 84 killed in France IBTimes UK


Countries around the world have been paying tribute to the victims of the Nice attack.

Nice attack: Countries around the world mourn victims Reuters


The Houses of Parliament will be illuminated in the red, white and blue of the French flag tonight in solidarity with France.


BBC reporter James Longman has tweeted this picture allegedly showing the interior of Bouhlel's flat.

Tour de France: Minute's silence held for victims of Nice attack Reuters


Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has written to the French embassy to express his condolences.


Here is the exact quote from the Paris prosecutor on the background of the attacks: "No claim has been made at this stage but this type of attack resembles calls for murder of terrorist organisations"


A neighbour of Bouhlel has spoken out, describing the attacker as "frightening."

Nice attack: Neighbour of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel says he was 'frightening' Reuters


UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has issued a statement on the attack: "The UK stands shoulder to shoulder with France following this appalling and cowardly attack.

"No country is immune to terrorism and we are united with our French and European partners as we deal with these threats to our countries and our way of life.

"British Embassy staff are on the ground in Nice and in close touch with French authorities."


Paris prosecutor: Police found: "An automatic gun, one charger, cartridges, a dummy gun, and two fake Kalashnikovs. "


The Paris prosecutor has confirmed the identity of the attacker as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel through fingerprinting.

He said that the attacker was known to police but not intelligence services and showed no signs of radicalisation. He said Bouhlel was of Tunisian nationality, divorced, with three children. His ex-wife is currently in protective custody.

He said that there were no claims of responsibility, but the attack resembles those carried out by terror groups.


A Paris prosecutor at a press conference in the French capital said that 84 people have been killed in last night's attack, among them are 10 children. 202 people were injured, with 52 in a critical condition and 25 on life support.

He described the incident as a "terror attack", and said the attacker shot three times at police. Police chased the attacker 300 metres before shooting him dead.


La Promenade de Anglais, where last night's attack took place, will re-open tonight at 8pm local time, municipal authorities said.


A Facebook page, SOS Nice, has been set up for people looking for relatives missing after the attack.


Local newspaper Nice Matin is reporting that the attack only lasted 45 seconds.


According to Caroline Langlade, Vice President of the Association Life for Paris, victims of the 13 November attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis lost relatives in Nice.


Three Berlin residents are believed to be among those killed, German authorities said.


A minute's silence has been held at the Tour de France for victims of the Nice attack.

Tour de France: Minute's silence held for victims of Nice attack Reuters