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A relative of former Nigeria's president Goodluck Jonathan has been found dead after being kidnapped in Bayelsa State Reuters

A cousin of former Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan has been found dead days after being kidnapped. The body of Samuel Oki, 35, was recovered by fishermen in the Otuoke river, Bayelsa state, local media reported.

Villagers said fishermen anchored the corpse by the riverside to prevent it from being carried away. It is believed the body is now at a local morgue. Oki was kidnapped by gunmen along with Jonathan's uncle and foster father, Chief Inegite Jonathan, 72, at the chief's residence in Otuoke.

The Premium Times quoted Igbogamini Paul, a family member of Oki, as saying both men were kidnapped on 17 February. Paul added that it is believed a gunshot the family heard during the abduction targeted Oki. The police spokesperson for Bayelsa State, Asini Butswat, said he was aware of the latest development, but could not immediately confirm it.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reported that Jonathan's uncle had already been kidnapped in April 2014 and was rescued by the Joint Task Force (JTF). It is not yet clear whether Inegite Jonathan is still being held by his abductors.

The kidnappers have not make any contact with the hostage's family. Meanwhile, the police said "a massive manhunt" comprising members of the marine police and anti-kidnapping unit had been launched to find Jonathan's uncle and arrest the abductors.

Jonathan has not made any comment on the incident.

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