Reports surrounding the mystery boyfriend of Nina Dobrev have finally been resolved.

Despite rumours suggesting that her secret boyfriend could be either Paul Wesley or Derek Hough, the new beau is revealed to be Ian Somerhalder's friend, Mark Foster. He is the lead singer of the band Foster The People.

According to a report by Inquisitr, Dobrev is getting pretty serious with Foster. The report also states that they were trying to keep things quiet, but as the romance progressed they did not really care if the secret was out.

Some rumours say that Nina Dobrev wants to get back at Ian for what he did when he started a relationship with Nikki Reed. Other rumours suggests that Dobrev wanted to keep her relationship with Foster hidden from The Vampire Diaries' star, so that she won't hurt her chances if ever she and Somerhalder get back together.

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder were not in the best of terms even before the mystery boyfriend's identity was revealed.

As previously reported, fans of The Vampire Diaries have been on the edge about rumours that Nina Dobrev or Ian Somerhalder could be leaving the show, because of personal issues with each other, after season 6.

The star's romance of the hit show ended in 2013. Although in public they've maintained that they were close friends, which is far from what is happening in real life.

The former lovers have been feuding ever since Somerhalder dated Nikki Reed, who was a close friend of the Vampire Diaries' lead actress.

Ian and Nina play the lead character Damon and Elena, in the hit CW series, and in the current episode, Damon has decided to let Elena go and be happy.

Somerhalder in an interview said, "His character believes it's a mature moment".

He told Access Hollywood: "So I think in his heart of hearts, he ultimately realises, 'Hey listen, you were happy without me,' and I think that it was an actually incredibly selfless thing for Damon to do. Very rare. And so I think he's pretty proud of that, but I think ultimately... he's hurting big time,"

Ian continued, "But by the way, I mean, karma. Hello? This guy's been an a**hole for most of his life. While he may be a fiercely loyal brother and boyfriend and whatever [he] may be, but this guy's been like major p***k and I think all this is kind of coming down on him now."

Is the future of The Vampire Diaries in trouble because of Ian and Nina's personal differences? Lets wait and watch.