A modder has taken inspiration from Rockstar's work on their updated versions of Grand Theft Auto V, and created a first person mode for Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes.

Working from the PC version of the Hideo Kojima's prologue to 2015's MGS 5: The Phantom Pain, modder "Pao" created the new first person mod without the help of the game's official modding tools.

Pao's work still needs tidying up (there a some bugs created by the new perspective), but his work is in a complete enough state that he has made it available online.

One user has uploaded gameplay to YouTube. The video of which can be seen below...

The near-eight minute gameplay video shows a cut-together play-through of the game, including moments of the stealth and action aspects the series is famous for.

The uploader, Ben Blatcher, was impressed with the mod, saying it made the game "more tense," adding that the more restrictive but realistic view point means players will have to be more careful about planning their actions.

"You've got to rely on your senses a lot more, and it's obvious I wasn't (for example not hearing a truck coming at one point)," he says.

The mod can be downloaded here.