Today (3 March) marks the release of Nintendo Switch, the brand new home and handheld console from the pioneering Super Mario Bros creators. To celebrate its worldwide release, members of the IBTimes UK office gathered to play launch title 1-2 Switch.

Developed by Nintendo, 1-2 Switch is a multiplayer party game in which two players, or two teams of players, face-off in 28 mini-games that range from picking up telephones to trying to win the heart of a flirty gorilla.

There's a mix of the kind of games you'd expect (Baseball, Table Tennis, Boxing) and more offbeat games that will see players competing to milk cows, catch swords, air guitar and much more.

Eight members of the IBTimes UK office played Signal Flag, Fake Draw, Boxing Gym, Shave, Milk, Table Tennis and Plate Spin. Each also gave their thoughts on the Switch hardware and the game itself.

"It kind of reminded me of when the Wii first came out, with Wii Sports, and you could have anyone playing it, you know, your mum could play that easily. Also, you could use that for a good drinking game too," said Technology Editor James Billington.

Reporter Oliver Cragg added: "One of the most impressive things about the console is probably the controllers, they're very versatile as you can see with 1-2 Switch."

Senior Tech Reporter Mary-Ann Russon said: "It seems like something that's quite accessible and a lot of people would be able to quite easily pick it up without needing to be good gamers or have a lot of skill."

Nintendo Switch is out now worldwide and retails for £279.99. 1-2 Switch is one of the major launch games, opposite The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which we gave a full five stars in our review. 1-2 Switch retails for £39.99.

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