Last year, it was rumoured that Nintendo was working on a new version of the Switch. Most industry analysts speculated it to be a more powerful version of the hybrid console. However, the company ended up releasing the V2 model with a better battery life along with the Lite. Apparently, this did not stop people from their suspecting that a Pro variant might be on the way. Earlier this year, a well-known executive of a Tokyo-based consultancy firm claimed a new model is in development.

Among the interesting suggestions being thrown around regarding the Switch Pro is the alleged support for 4K-resolution gaming. With the upcoming PS5 from Sony and Xbox Series X from Microsoft, both supposedly promising compatibility for up to 8K visuals, Nintendo is expected to adapt in order to remain competitive. Digital Trends notes that a source from the supply chain claims the next-generation console will sport a new GPU.

It seems Nintendo seeks to upgrade the existing Tegra X1 SoC of the current models into custom processor developed along with Nvidia. The new version will be based on the manufacturer's Volta architecture. Nevertheless, industry experts believe it will not be enough to guarantee support for 4K graphics or a massive improvement in performance. Instead, the new console will further boost battery life longer than the V2.

Other than improvement to the usage time of the system, there are other sources pointing to a redesigned Joy-Con. Many users complain about the present one, which may be too small for people with bigger hands and fingers. Moreover, the durability of the existing controllers has even led to a class-action lawsuit being filed against the company. One report even reveals that a French pro-consumer magazine awarded the game system with the title of the most fragile product of 2019.

While the Nintendo Switch Pro can still possibly ship with other yet-to-be-uncovered features, some analysts think the existing model can still compete with its rivals. While the next-generation system from Microsoft and Sony are expected to be quite powerful, the current Switch can still continue to sell, thanks to its unique functionality, according to a Dutch developer.

Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch handheld and its TV-connected dock. Nintendo