Nokia Lumia 1520
Nokia Lumia 1520 receives new firmware update. Nokia

There is an unofficial fix available for the Lumia 1520 suffering from what has been termed as tap and scroll issue.

Nokia's large-screen smartphone, Lumia 1520, was announced last year and received the Lumia Cyan update featuring new Windows Phone 8.1 in July.

The high-end Nokia device now seems to have been affected with the scroll and tap issue. This is a bug, which randomly occurs when scrolling the display using a swipe, whereas the device registers it as 'tap.'

This is believed to be the hardware misreading which results in the phone opening links, tweets, photos or hyperlinks when users scroll up or down. However, this bug is not wide spread and does not affect the users who never put pressure on the display.

Lumia 1520

A forum member at WP central has now discovered that this is a hardware design flaw, related to the size of the display. He further explains this happens when the digitizer contacts behind the display becomes misaligned.

The cause of this misalignment is screen flex, which is when the phone is being kept with the display down. And the device flexes downward causing the centre contact to miss the connection.

There is nothing to worry. The member has also shared a fix for this.

  • Just light press down on the top and bottom of the display
  • Do not carry the Lumia 1520 in your front pocket with the display down

Below is the forum member's note about the Lumia 1520 screen sensitivity issue.

as you can see from the photo the digitzer contacts marked with a red spot located just behind the lcd screen once main board mounted, it get in contact with the digitizer terminal what really happen in lumia 1520 with a big 6 inch screen is the screen slightly bend when you put it on your pocket or even use some force to clean it, and this mess with the digitizer contacts alignment causing a swipe, tap problem to appear

a short way to fix this look in the second photo hold the phone like this and push down from the red marked areas softly several time as it make a good contact with the digitizer terminal the problem will disappear

after all this is a faulty design specailly with a large screen, nokia know that yes they do but they just dont want to replace or fix it, cause its costly a design problem ,i tried to explain this in Nokia forum , they dont want us to understand its a hardware fault and treat us like a money bags for their faulty design ,can you imagine how happy they are when they read our messages that with lumia cyan update some wrote we feel it become better !! nothing really change its just we have a blind trust at nokia devices ,the question is what are going to do time to let them pay a high price as we did.