Occupy London's St Paul's protest camp is safe from eviction until at least 22 February.

Court of appeal judges said that is the date they will give their verdict on Occupy London's challenge to a high court eviction ruling.

Appeal judges said they needed time to give deeper consideration to the case.

Justice Lindblom, who oversaw the original case, had said an eviction was "entirely lawful and justified" and ruled that they must be evicted from outside the cathedral.

He also refused the protesters' right to appeal, but gave them permission to apply to the court of appeal to seek the right to challenge his judgment.

The City of London Corporation has said it wants an eviction "as soon as possible".

It claimed there are a number of health and safety concerns and that the camp has become a haven for vulnerable people, such as the homeless.

There are also obstructions to the public highway, said the corporation.

Occupy protesters were calling for a peaceful daytime eviction if they lost their appeal after a night-time eviction of Occupy London protesters from a squat near Liverpool Street in central London turned ugly.

After a confrontation, a man drove through a crowd of the protesters who were trying to block his exit.