Young fans have been sent into frenzy by an alleged nude picture of One Directions' Harry Styles surfacing online but the singer has insisted it is not him.

The 17-year-old heartthrob claimed that the provocative full-frontal mobile-phone image, which is making the rounds on the web, is of somebody else.

One Directions fans believed that the photo of a young man standing in a bathroom taking a photo of himself in the mirror was Harry because the mystery man appeared to have the same trademark curly brown hair and silver dog tag that the former X Factor contestant is known for.

Reports went on to claim that Harry, who recently caused controversy after it was rumoured that he was dating 32-year-old TV presenter Caroline Flack, may have taken the picture in the X Factor house in 2010.

The fact that the singer recently proclaimed that he loves being naked has not helped his case that the mysterpy man in the picture is not him.

Harry said in a recent interview: "I just like to be free. Being naked makes me feel alive - we should all do it."


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